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Occupational Health Staffing & Support

  • ServeFed provides Occupational Health Services nationwide to Federal Employees and Corporate Employees of the Fortune 500 companies.

  • We help meet and maintain TJC-HCSS certifications.

  • ServeFed maintains compliance with commercial contract policies, Standard Operating Procedures, and other requirements for licensure, competencies, certifications, and continuing education.


Hospital Administrative Staffing & Support

ServeFed’s staffing and hiring processes are focused on risk mitigation.
We maintain a highly trained and sustainable candidate pool.

  • All ServeFed administrative personnel are properly educated, certified, and licensed, and are professional in demeanor and have the proper typing, office, and organizational skills.

  • We have program management personnel throughout the United States.


Information Technology & Management Consulting

  • ServeFed supports the efficient management and operation of clients with robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes.

  • We help clients guard against criminal or unauthorized access and use of electronic data through effective Cyber Security measures.

  • ServeFed provides clients business intelligence services with our support of their Data Warehousing (DWH) repositories.


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ServeFed, Inc.

4539 Metropolitan Court

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Frederick, Maryland 21704

(301) 637-1767

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