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Occupational Health Services & Support

  • ServeFed provides Occupational Health Services nationwide to Federal Employees and Corporate Employees of the Fortune 500 companies.

  • We help meet and maintain TJC-HCSS certifications.

  • ServeFed maintains compliance with commercial contract policies, Standard Operating Procedures, and other requirements for licensure, competencies, certifications, and continuing education.


Hospital Administrative Support

ServeFed’s staffing and hiring processes are focused on risk mitigation.
We maintain a highly trained and sustainable candidate pool.

  • All ServeFed administrative personnel are properly educated, certified, and licensed, and are professional in demeanor and have the proper typing, office, and organizational skills.

  • We have program management personnel throughout the United States.


Information Technology & Management Consulting

  • ServeFed supports the efficient management and operation of clients with robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes.

  • We help clients guard against criminal or unauthorized access and use of electronic data through effective Cyber Security measures.

  • ServeFed provides clients business intelligence services with our support of their Data Warehousing (DWH) repositories.


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ServeFed, Inc.

4539 Metropolitan Court

Suite 202

Frederick, Maryland 21704

(301) 637-1767

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