• ServeFed supports the efficient management and operation of clients with robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) processes.

  • We help clients guard against criminal or unauthorized access and use of electronic data through effective Cyber Security measures.

  • ServeFed provides clients business intelligence services with our support of their Data Warehousing (DWH) repositories.

  • We understand that data is so ubiquitous and voluminous that Big Data Analytics are crucial to clients’ ability to maintain control of their data sets.

  • ServeFed develops and supports the management of of the flow of goods and services and the management of raw materials with Supply Chain Management tools and techniques that maintain control from point of origin to point of consumption.

  • We support clients’ businesses financial stability through Financial Analysis tools that assess their viability and profitability.

  • ServeFed helps clients define a budget for planned project expenditures and the eventual project cost. We also compare cost estimates to actuals.


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